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Originally Posted by Delawarerider
Yeah and if you never start the bike, it'll last forever too. But WTF good is it. I certainly don't want to have to by-pass a non functioning item that shouldn't FAIL in the first place. Maybe I shouldn't be riding a BMW because I really don't want to have to jerry rig the bike in some parking lot after it crapped out again. This is my first BMW so I may not be up to speed on my obligation to study motorcycle mechanics in order to survive.

I was actually hoping to just ride the thing and enjoy it. I think I'll inquire about an extended warranty.
You're completely justified in your frustration IMO. I'm waiting on a 2010 myself and have been essentially doing a crash course in the basics on how to keep it running. No way can I afford $100/hr to pay some dealer tech to do half-assed repairs/tune-ups on it all the time for the general stuff.

As far as the major repairs are concerned, I've decided that when I'm negotiating the final deal on the bike, if they won't throw in the extended warranty for free, then I'm walkin'. Ya have to draw the line somewhere!
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