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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn my view (impression) most people take the right caliper when they go to the high fender just because they do not know how to route the brake hose above the tyre...
I've heard this before and it's a little mystifying. On sport bikes, a common mod is to go to a "dual system" for the front brake, where there are two lines coming from the cylinder down to both sides of the wheel, eliminating the little jumper line from one caliper to the other.

I have this system on my Hayabusa, and my impression was that this, along with the braided lines, improved feel quite a bit. Also, the fender is no longer an issue, which was a good thing when my disc lock trashed my stock fender and I went to a CF replacement that I had to drill myself.

Couldn't you just go to a similar system on the nine-fiddy?
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