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Hola Sr. Thottlemeister!
Do you have a route lined up once you start heading south? You going Baja or copper or a coast? Going to hit Belize?

I'm really confused with those pics of you setup to sleep on a road on a cot. You're just sleeping in the open air? Hell, I'm sure you're safe from humans.. but what about the bugs??? Are there no mosquitos?? You got a link to this cot?

You going to ditch all that cold weather stuff before you leave the US? You're not going to need it for a few months when heading south. Plus, it is nice to have all locally made alpaca shit once you start getting cold in Peru/bolivia.

Anyway, safe travels! Looks like you're having an ok time. I mean much better if you weren't updating this RR all the time.
Travels around the world.. or something -- RTW on a DRZ
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