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Originally Posted by PASSMORE

Would it look good (or goofy) if I was able to "fill in" the areas cut out of the KTM logo on my tank? What I mean is, if the "decal" could continue into those voids in a manner that is consistant with the logo. Am I saying it right?

mike I'm a little confusee with your question,,if what you are trying to ask is if you need to fill in the spaces of the holes with orange.

personally i will say I like the way you did it and i will leave it that way,actually the tape aplication looks pretty good already at least at "Speed"
are you planning to paint it or use a "sticker"? if is a sticker made sure is the 2MM type tape(please tell me were you find it,because I need some for my grey tanks)so it can start the test of time.

also will be great if james can modified your seat so some of the orange from the logo goes into the seat to make the whole look more togheter..
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