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And the show must go on

Rehoboth Church, Rt 3, 2mi East of Union

From the East

There has been a little bit of home town engineering going on here. I think you will appreciate that in a moment.

From the West

Before I could get the camera focused, these guys pull up. Meet the son and grandson of the curator of the Rehoboth museum.

I would not have entered the drive to the museum on Sunday, but they insisted, "Dad would be glad to show you around".

First, I am made aware of the old road that route 3 consumed. A little hard to see, but it runs just below the Oak in front of the red barn.

We follow up a short winding drive and immediately focus on this.

The Methodist Church owns the property. They pay for the home of the curator, built a museum, covered the Rehoboth Church to protect it, and make allowance for upkeep on the property. I did not get a photo, or enter the museum, I was totally consumed with the church and grounds.

A 223 year old hinge

American Chestnut


Some mill work has been added to the floor, the pulpit, and the steps to the balcony.

Even the shingle were laid and then pegged.

Revolutionary war veteran graves.

And the patience and passion of an amazing curator.

I hope to return to this one soon. As I said, there is a museum that we didn't touch on. Regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12-5. Allow at least two hours for this one, maybe more.
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