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The 18th of August

Woke up sometime still in the morning to warm temperature and decided I needed some net to check up on meeting up with a fellow inmate in Nova Scotia so I headed to Fredericton to see what it had to offer.

Something about these college towns, there where many beautiful women all over the place, or possible I have been on the road too long all ready-NO.

I can't yet bring myself to just take pictures for proof just yet, but it was quite nice and also nice was that the downtown area was lit up with a wifi blanket that was perfect.
I stopped in here with the little yellow sign, for a muffin and wifi in the cool:

Got me some Canandain funds from the atm and ended up talker with a rider about things I should go do before the boat ride from Sydney tomorrow night. We came to the conclusion that a person could go to Bay of Fundy and watch slack tide and then go across the long bride to Prince Edward Island and have a look around. So that was decided and off I went.

Went over to my hometown of Saint John and watch some tide. I meet these to characters, captain Jeff and jack of all traits Ronnie if I remeber right. These guys run a boat tour of the bay area showing folks the extreme tide show. It impressive to see that much water changing direction in such a major way.

Here's a shot from some of Ron's picture of comparison, it goes ~35 foot of change in this area and as much as 50+ foor up in the neck of the bay.

Here's the crew:

Ronnie the one to the left gave me the whole tour, less the boat ride for free. He knows his stuff about the tide pull. That day slack was right around 4:30pm and the water was dropping pretty rapidly since I started talking with these guys. My proof at their dock, I think it would be a PITA to build docks that have to go up and down so much:

I should have used the exact same spot for comparison purposes but this will have to suffice, notice the green house from the previous picture in the distance.
Now here the water has drawn lower than the anchor points for the dock:

Their boat diesel powered volvos, got a little build up going on their boys:

Their was a cool old rover that was up at the top, dude left me his business card W.E. Bill N. of Saint John saying "if you need anything no charge" how nice is that. He's email address was undeliverable so I'll say it here. Thank You Bill, I'm sure is one hell of a guy:

Wild winch up front, maybe one of those aircraft type ones:

Here's the place from the top where the grouchy old lady sold me a New Brunswick sticker for the mule:

Worth a look, that water really begins churning and boiling as it comes under the bridge where the depth is around 230'. Ronnie was saying you can get a 5' depression in a whirlpool that starts getting it when the water's moving the most:

It was soon time to leave for PEI if I was gonna do it. Capt Jeff gave me a personal escort out of town in his little blue car, I didn't tell him your gay if your male and you drive one of those j/k

Ended up blasting on HW 1 towards Moncton and went around the Northeast corner of town. Saw a big truck taking a nap along the way, heck of a lot harder to get than the mule:

Picked up a load of fuel and met up with local riders Marlene and Ray who were out for a little ride of their own. Talked about PEI and just BSed a little before going on our ways. Nice folks here:

You can alway tell a real rider like Ray and me because we've worn all the hair off the top of our heads from wearing the helmet so much.

Got to go on the Confederation Bridge over to PEI, it makes the bridges down at Keywest looking like puddle jumpers compared this bad boy. Turns out you only pay to get off the island and since I took the bridge over I'd be paying the high dollar ferry to get off, but it was the best direction I had for the time left to get to the boat.
Its long and high, ole Capt Jeff even worked as a tugboat capt during the construction of this bad boy, its even got its own radio station:

Its got a high spot in the middle for big boats, its been built in realatively shallow water, 40-60' as I heard:

Funny thing is the only rain so far on this trip was a light shower out near the middle of the bridge and it stopped before I reached the end.

My Confederation Bridge self portrait underway, I'm getting good at this:

Went on in to Charlottetown and had some nice fish and chips at Brits? and some internet until they had to run me off and close up.
My F&C:

Merk, one of the dudes working there hooked me up with ride ideas and told me about Hunter's where I could get some more wifi. What a waste of time going of there, seemed I could get hooked into their network but the wankers would turn the internet on a no one cared enough to hook me up so I left and went back to the store front of Brits to leech the know net inside and then had to move down a store to get to an outlet and I worked for a couple hours sorting stuff and posting up.
Got a lot of strange looks from the passer-byers and the cops kept doing their drive bys checking up on me. That's where kermit chairs really shine. I help a couple down on hard times with some coin bs'ed with a one legged burned out girl that kept talking strange and saw more than one familiar face come and go by during my tenure.

After midnight a fellow pulls up in a Smart car packed with himself and two ladies, diesel version I add, and asks if I need a place to stay. I'm like I using the net he said he had wifi to boot and thats all it took to convince me it was a good idea. The guy's name was Lobie and he's a K bike guy British ex-pat who's been on PEI for a while. He hooked me up with a cot in his man shed which was much appreaciated, it takes time putting up tents, cots, whatever and its nice not having to unload all the gear, too bad I couldn't get the net hot there but I was up way too late anyhow and wanted to make the 8:30am ferry tomorrow morning anyway.

My digs for that night:

Not a bad cot, but I'm getting kinda partial to my little one
As I say at least I didn't have to dig it all out, Thanks Lobie.

The later that morning there was no way in hell I getting up to make the first ferry so I just put it off and started to gather up my things and then the invitation to breakfast and a swim and shower that I would not refuse.

The breakfast was first and quite nice, Lobie has some mad kitchen skills here:

Had my breakfast and visiting with he and his family, his wife directly had to leave for work and I ate with his lovely daughter Mirm and then afterward had a nice quick swim to freshen me up a bit:

Yeah I now wear a speedo, not really but its my under armor riding shorts that do double duty, squared over and over again.

Then after the swim a nice shower to get the salt, and speaking of salt I've lost my fair share on the trip up here, did I say its been a hot SOB for the most part, Bay of Fundy was welcome relief:

Many days where spent traveling North in this my official AC/DC ride shirt, one of 3 shirts I've got with me.
Lobie and his daughter:

You can end up meeting some of the most wonderful friendly people out traveling on a bike, esp a bimmer I think helps even more.

More coming...
I'll stop here for today and do the rest of the 19th in next installment
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