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Originally Posted by dagwood
Pimpin Passmore, Big Pimpin. When do I get a set for an 18 liter tank?

Creeper's gonna be pissed ya know.
Creep's fooked... Matey said he don't have the vinyl fo' no purple/blue/orange KTM logos - specifically against KTM Corp policy!

Matey Peeps is da man to look up for some of these. I had to sacrafice some spare parts to him for the set, but I bet he would do you up in some fashion as well - nice fella that Matey Peeps and he does a nice job sizing the cutouts too! Sorry if I am throwin' you unwanted business Matey!


PS - Dag, He also sent me a set of smaller ones it seems I will not be utilizing... If they meet your use, I bet I could be persuaded to send 'em your way...
- Michael
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