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Originally Posted by Wallowa
I too bought an extended warranty that covers damn near everything...BUT the big picture is that the warranty will not help you one bit when you are stranded in BFE...I ride off road, solo, miles from communications so when it stops...I must plan on walking out without it or die in place...something to consider.
Yeah, I'm TOTALLY with ya on that! I keep tryin' to convince myself to just go for it & worry about it stranding me when it happens. Don't know if I'm gonna be able to pull that off and really enjoy riding it far from home with that in the back of my mind constantly though. It really is amazing how these bikes maintain their popularity with all the same continuing unaddressed problems and horror stories on the forums year after year.

'Course Harley was exactly the same way, quality-wise, until just recently and they sold 'em as fast as they could build 'em too. I guess brand loyalty is the driving force behind it, that's all I can think of that would account for it.

Also, it may be that many, if not most, folks just buy these bikes are just assuming that for a premium amount of money they'll get a super high quality product from reading the propaganda and outright lies contained in the sales brochures. Who knows...
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