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Originally Posted by leafman60
Guys, welcome to the club !!!! In just a little bit, some of the frequenters will pick up this thread and admonish you as just being a bunch of whiners ! lol

Its ridiculous. When my controller failed, there was noticeable water in the well where it sits. And, remember, I had the "upgraded" o-ring seal.

Yes, the whole purpose of this electronic controller gadget is to slow down the speed of the circulatory motor (fuel pump) so as to prolong filter life. Its the engineering mentality of the maker. Remember the servo brakes ? Answering questions that nobody was asking and making things overcomplicated.
Yeah? Well those "frequenters" that you're talkin' about, and I know you're right, can just bite my ass! What they have to say means nothing whatsoever to me.

I completely agree with you about the engineering mentality. You see it in everything these days.

Ride safe & thanks for the support.

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