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Originally Posted by PASSMORE
Yes a question to all the fine gents (ladies as well!) of taste here - anyone??!?!?

Would it look good (or goofy) if I was able to "fill in" the areas cut out of the KTM logo on my tank? What I mean is, if the "decal" could continue into those voids in a manner that is consistant with the logo. Am I saying it right?

See tank here and no jabs over the crappy decal application, it is only a template.

Thanks for the input.

I'm a bit late to the party on this one but... IMO, I don't think it would look very good to continue the logo into the air vents in the tank.


Because when viewed from any angle other than the one used to establish the "inward line", it would serve to distort the decal at an angle neither parallel or perpendicular to the desired line, making what is already a difficult to read logo, even more so.

I love the decal though, and would love to have a set in a light to medium blue.
So... how's tricks?
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