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Originally Posted by PASSMORE
So you do not think that it will "distort" the KTM? That is my main concern.

I am definitely going to do the "wrap" sections on both sides for a bit different look.

Thanks for the input as I truly appreciate it coming from you.

if you really want to go bananas you can paint a little orange on the radiators, or some mesh so you can see the letters on the background,,this will only work on the side view so i will not botter..maybe just ask Matey to send you some scrap and play with it,,is no wrong way,,but some shapes and proportions will look better than others..

In fact in my Purple bike I made Neon green stickers(as big as yours) with a silver outline and personally i think they look far better than stock, maybe a grey(darker or lighter than the tank), silver or blue litlle outline will help to hold the shape of the letters even better

Ricky - I do not know how to say it differently - rough translation I am sure. I do not mean to "cover up" rather I mean to have the "logo" go "in" the inlets - see what I mean?
i do agree with Creeper and you about the confussing view of the KTM ideogram,,maybe you can do a mix of the two and continue a line of orange at the perpenticular "pipes"(holes) but leaving a space
on the angle elements,,I guess I don't like to prettend to flow up the shape of the KTM like the angles on the tank are not there..

sorry If i'm a little confusing.

Just keep trying and if you don't like find some cool rocks to scrape the stickers off..
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