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The next day Aug 20th after overnight on the boat,

her name:

and her stats:

I really did sleep well, maybe it was just not enough sack time:

My morning meal:

The mule rode well again on the c stand once more with nice straps to boot:

We where greeting ship side like the heros we are. Some of the group:

another, good guy Doug got the truck to lighten the loads, thanks guy:

We got everyone sorted and got rigged for running some ole RR beds toward Skibum's (mike) place. After about five miles riding the old rail beds Mike wanted to make sure everyone knew the correct way to change out a tube before we went any farther. He did a nice job:

I had to make a decision weather or not to take the risk floggin the mule down the trail, I've got miles to go and this is not the mules fortay unless you want to beat and prod her along. So I came to the decision to bail off a side access road that dumped me back out on a big road where I could find something more suitable and safe for our tastes. I would however love to come though those RR beds on say 250cc and twist it good. The still somewhat loaded mule squeezes some of the way down through the tighter sections.
Only example I have:

I worked my way out and decided to run around the Irish Loop area of the smaller part down in the Southeast. Started out on some nice gravel that was nice and friendly compared to the RR and ended up coming to a little bridge and a small marker off to the right that just caught my eye and on closer inspection I thought it worth another look and I could not have been any luckier.
Pretty innocent looking from the top isn't it also seems the approch to these county bridges is the worst part:

Here's what's below and beside this beauty:

Nice little staired walk way going around the falls area, turned out this was Ellis Falls Bridge from 1926, very neat area:

Just a real nice dumb-luck find:

One for the mule:

Continued on going down the road and looking for more fun stuff and before long I was on to something new. Little fish ladder action not far down the way after I topped off with fuel in Colinet I went CCW on the Irish trail, everything got to have a name round here I guess.

Neat little ramp for the fishies, but none swimming just yet, any day now is the word for this river:

Good swimming hole that I thought more than twice about, I think it was all women, no spawning here for me today:

Went looking for more adventure. I think I have now found something that's a hell of a lot harder to ride the mule through than any side I've tried before, it was here at this place:

This is what happenes, you think I would learn after the first time, yes I tried it twice: The first

and once more just to make sure I couldn't ride this shit;

It was pretty darn hard even walking in this stuff, I lobster walked the bike loose from the mess.
Got to be so foggy I thought it was chewy and I was eating the stuff as I rode through it, it was damn heavy, and then the loose rock death trap on a motorcycle beach:

Crazy to think the European fishermen used to come over and set up summer camps along this shores and dry their catch on the rock beach, according to the sign there. The local name of this beach:

Went on into Trepassey and out to their little lighthouse on the point.

And the LH:

I then went on up to the battery site to protect the harbour from the marauding American privateers back during Revolutionary War.

Don't jump me fourwheeler tracks where everywhere up there and I didn't hurt a thing, the high ground:


Good ole Noel (dancingboy) told me that NF has more coastline miles than the US and now it's easy to see why, its all cut and rugged on many of the points along the edges, that fog would come and go quickly too:

Getting hungry and went into town via a little more RR bed action and ate at the place on the main route through town. Fish and chips, I'm really just trying to grow some gills:

While waiting for the meal I chat it up with the local girl doing the serving and ask her about the Cape Race LH and she replys; "Well is down a long dirt road" I'm like yes go on please; "Yeah its quite nice". Okay that's settled I check it.
I take off down the way and a ways into now back into heavy for a young couple appears out of the fog arms waving and noticieably excited to see me. He blurts it out and I like slow down dude. Seems him and his gf must have been doing some heavy petting while driving or just suck at driving in the fog and biffed a curve on a slight downhill right before a bridge. It would have been one hell of a ride especially if involoved somewhat:

They started way up here and went jumping down through headed right for the creek before they got shutdown by a decent berm that could only cause considerable front end damage, never went down to check the to see if the airbags blew but surely they did.

They ended up right close to the water, could have easily been much worse.

Little accident scene:
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