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Thought I would go ahead and send the last bit, still writing in the window and not wanting to screw it up or have any of these bastards screw me over and shut the window down.

Now on with the rest of the 20th.

The accident scene from drivers view more less:

car way far to the left missed the bridge by a long shot.

I checked their immediate needs, then we talked about the options and checked the mileage and I was going to go the 5 or so miles on down to the lighthouse and see if I could get the keeper or anyone else to send some help their way and they would return to their car and wait for who I found to get them.

I took off and not a mile or so down the road comes a big mega cab dodge 4x4 that had plenty of room so I was released from rescue duties and could continue on my business at hand. The guy driving the truck asked if he thought he could pull them free but with the damage to the car it would not matter.

I went the rest of the way into Cape Race under heavy fog and what I found was just so, so. A keepers house away from the lighthouse looked barely alive and the lighthouse looked to be near condemned condition with signs of some type of mercury poison or something or other, concrete falling on your head type thing wrong with it. And did I say it was foggy:

Had to get close to make it out through the thick stuff:

It must have been something special in its day.
These are noisey little suckers when the fog is out thick, couple of blows every few minutes.

I had to keep moving on and keep up on the Irish Loop if I wanted to go to St John's all the way East. I passed many cool little snug harbors along the way, too many to even count.

The many harbours had many boats, this one had a travel all and many blocked up on skids and props. Some give the since of chicken buses colored up to give some character. One wild pilot boat with the drive screws pulled loose I hope or the props are far behine the transom. Doing a refit I suppose:

The others lined up nice and pretty:

They even have the big newer design windmills up here for good reason:

It was starting to get dark and I ended up at some harbour, Bulls or something started with B and went down to look at the biggest boat I've seen so far next to the ferry boat across the ocean. I went to start back up and all I got was clicks and lights out, great its the cable again. End up having to pop the tank again to tighten this up again all without the use of a torch to find the connections. Got it snugged up enough to go again but not before I met a member of the crew who seemed interested in the bike and told me he ride a KTM 9*0. The boat turned out to be the Detector, a saturation vessel that's working on subsea drilling components to stay away from the icebergs that can give the platforms fits and keep the tug boat berg ropers in business. The guy turned out to be an inmate on here called WaterRat:

(chris I think) who's from Alberta working in the Sat for 28 days running 500 depths. We talked awhile about the bikes, rides, and the project he's working on as I buttoned back up the bike.

Off and going now in the early night I figured the boys at Skibum's place would thought I just stayed somewhere else along the way but I was determined to get back over there mainly because I was without a torch and my wallet itself was left in the top box that got trucked to the house earlier. I had my checkcard and passport for ID, and even some cash but thought it best to show up and party like a good guest should.

I arrived to a barn full of revelers that where wondering what I'd been up to and the stories and drinking started quickly and ended lately or early depending on your outlook.

Some of the late nighters who stayed late in order of their departures,
Ron standing in front of my bedroom

Our generous host Mike moving too fast with his favorite stein:

And the Gregster, who like me finished the first night well into the morning hours:

And then this goofy bastard who felt right at home here:

There was drinking going on, some of it being heavy...

Later on that morning would bring peace and harmony in this perfect world:
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