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Talking Hey dude

Man...sounds like you've been doin' what you do. Meetin' people and riding like a banshee. Loved the pics of the find. Strange story about the people and their car, I'm sure they were glad to see ya. It is amazing the people you meet out traveling. Glad you're still having a good time. By the way, you shouldn't take pictures while you're driving. That's dangerous.

All's well here. Got my new $400 freaking spare put on my FJ. Freaks are gonna have a hard time rippin' off this one considering I got a little smarter this time with locking lug nuts. Still pissy about it Surely they'll get theirs soon. That's all from me. Gonna head up to P Creek next weekend. Sure gonna miss you. Swappin' vehicles with Tom and bringing back Cop. That'll be a nice change.

Catch ya later dude. K
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