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The 21st started out from the very beginning at an early time and then I rested for a litttle while and got back up and around and decided to head into St John's and check on replacing the glasses that I lost in Ohio or PA on the trip North.

Had a nice quick run over to the city, St John's is like NYC to NY so I'll just call it the city from no on while out here in NF.

I barely took any pictures at all today and I think that should be considering a travel foul because in the digital format with a decent size ssd card there is almost no thing such as too many pictures taken in a day.

Needless to say this is going to be one of the shortest update days so far and I have to say that is not a bad thing, a little rest and relaxation is a good thing after the flogging I had to give the mule to make the boat in time.

On an interesting note on my way to said city I came upon a Royal Canadian Mounted Police and shut it down a few notches to take the slow ride into the city but intersting enough one of the cars behind me came around me with some speed and I was pleasantly surprise to see no light show at all.

Here I come, well when in Rome do as a Roman so I make my way around the patrol and continue on into Rome at a better pace, the evidence:

The white car was the RCMP that happily went about his way and no I didn't take a picture or even twist the head to give a glance, I just eased on around and back into the slow side and went about my business.

A quick shot from afar on the outskirts.

I took an exit ramp on a whim following a slow and timid riding harley, no man I was not trying to run up your ass I just have never seen anyone enjoying any kind of bike at that speed in my life.

I ended up on a road that brought me by a Kawasaki shop and another shop across the street. I pulled into the K shop and found the first person in the parking lot and questioned them about a lens crafter like store that might be able to accomadate the request for expedidted glass Rx. He directed me only a few more miles down the road to a place called Vogue, I was have way expecting to see a RV dealership instead.

Got some help there allowing me to use the phone and call my father who would be able to fax up the Rx to see if they had the lens in stock otherwise they farm out the work to PEI or somewhere else. I left my contact information and then continued with a quick ride around the city and to find some wifi and lunch.

Went riding around the famed Gerorge St in town and found a nice coffee shop near the harbour on a nice street corner and set up shop for lunch and some nice hs net.

One of the few that day:

taken through the thick and vicious old glass from a near ancient cafe store front that has surely weathered many a cold winter thoughout its long ever moving life and not a crack one to show for it.

As I mentioned earlier I ended up homesteading the internet working on my labor that hardley seem labor at all, just a break from traveling and more living it seems.

Gregster from the rally who also was in town came by in the afternoon to have a quick visit before he headed back to Mike's place out in New Melbourne. Since I riding out there in the dark the night before I had no worries about this trip back this evening. I was late as usual for the pig roast and this time the party had increased in size since the rally was really officially cranked up.

It was nice to have a not so large in that you couldn't get around and visit with most of the guests. I ended up meeting even more of the great group of riders from NF and surrounding areas. There where lots of talk about different rides, bikes, and many googd stories shared and heard from the experiences of riders here on the ROCK.

Greg and I continued holding the 2 day old rally of being the night owls and continue to draw from the little bitch kegs and work on out share and then some. Again the pictures where of a dissappoint after I look back through my smugmug.

Believe me when I say it was a great time, it surely was. This was the first rally for Skibum and its got to be one of the first for ADVrider in NF. There was a lot of talk from the people of Cromag last year he seemed very interested in the idea and showed strong support but the actual people who show from Cromag number only one, way to go Ron who rode up from New Jersey. If its continued to be held it should only grow from word of mouth and I think this might just be on the best times of the year to ride the rock and this rally would be the perfect lay-over for insight from local riders with the knowledge to set up with a perfect ride all over the Rock.

I would come back here and hope to get to again one day in the future.
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