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Originally Posted by jpooch00
I heard a rumor that the 2010 sales brochures are gonna be updated to read:

"Unstoppable! - unless: they get wet, too hot, too cold, the FD grenades, the clutch wears out or the hub splines strip, the transmission input/output shaft splines strip, any of the various oil seals fail, the HES sensor quits working, the immobilizer ring craps out, the fuel pump controller gets wet, you hit a pothole & blow a shock, the injector bodies get seriously out of sync, the valves are not perfectly adjusted, or the motorcycle is otherwise ridden for any length of time without major maintenance and/or repair work performed at a dealership at the standard rate of $100/hr".

OK, I'm just being silly, but it DOES have a little ring of truth.

Man, I wish the Beemer execs would read this stuff!
You forgot "or when you stall on the freeway when your fuel gage/strip sensor craps out".
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