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Continental Divide Ride August 2009

8/18/09- Day 1- Arkansas to Dodge City, KS
Loaded up this morning and headed for Denver, ran into a few showers but nothing much. Made it to Dodge City, KS where we got to enjoy the smell of cattle processing plants….ugh….room was good though and so will head out in the am on into Denver where we will unload and park the truck and trailer at relatives then head north to Montana on the 20th.

8/19/09 – Day 2- Dodge City, KS to Col. Springs, CO
Got into Colorado Springs about 1pm and unloaded the bikes and packed everything back on and made last minute checks. Nice weather about 75 degrees and will be sunny next few days on up to Montana. Will head out early AM on the 20th

8/20/09 Day 3- Col. Springs to Dubois, WY
On the bikes now and anxious to put some miles behind us. Rode hard all day and made it to Dubois bucking 30-40 mph head winds and steep grades the whole way. Normal mileage went out the window and we found ourselves filling up about every 120 miles or so. We had some fourth gear grinds with the wind kicking our buts and elevation between 5,800 and over 9,000 feet. Ended up with a 512mile day. Very tired for sure.

Still we did see some great sights too. Finally the end to a long day and a room to get some rest and a shower.

8/21/09 Day 4 – Dubois, WY to Wise River, Mt
Today would be a little easier with only about 366 miles to roll up.
Found a lot of construction and resultant delays today but made it into Wise River, MT. by 4:30.
Rode through some beautiful country even though it was on pavement.

The Grand Teton national park and mountains are always fantastic.

I like the town of Jackson Hole, WY too.. as long as you don’t have to stay there, it’s quite expensive but great little town for sure.

Found a room at the Wise River Club, oh and yes it is the only hotel in town.

No air conditioning either but a nice shower, good food and cold beer.….was very hot in the room until later in the evening. Got to park my bike under the owner’s private awning too……

Here are the days stats

Tomorrow we start out on the actual Continental Divide trail!

Lee and Burt met up and headed out to camp so decided to split up for the rest of the trip. Here on I'll be on my own. After the dust I encountered the first day on the CD ride I was glad that I was.

8/22/09 Day 5 – Wise River to Near Yellowstone, WY – Camped out
Got to test my camping gear for the first time, have had it for a long time but never put to use until today. Worked well and after a long day in the saddle again rolled up 311 miles in the dirt as I rode out of Mt, through ID and into WY. Very fun day with lots of differing terrain and outstanding vistas along the way.


Lots of very nice ranches too, this is the “Canyon Ranch” and is top drawer to say the least.

I stopped in Dell, MT. for gas and food before again heading South toward Yellowstone.

Out of Montana and into Idaho..

Entering those bored hunters....

The other side of this water gate..

Major forest fire here, I see the renewal already starting with new trees starting to show some green.

I cruise on down the Western side of Yellowstone and end up in the Southern part to camp for the night at camp flagg.

I ask about rooms....nope but got some much.....$196 for the about camping...oh, yeah there $26.....sounds good.
I set up not far from the showers and food....

Later on I had a guest stop in to check out the "new guy"....any food bud?

I turn in early and had no problem getting right to sleep. Thought I might since this was my inaugural camping deal.....I will say this is a hell of lot of work but I slept pretty well all things considered.

8/23/09 – Day 6 Yellowstone to Pinedale, WY -164 Miles
I got up at the crack of dawn and broke camp (sounds easy but is a lot of work….especially getting everything down to the smallest size like I had it so it fits on my bike)
Was on the road at 6:50am and rode on South East. After about an hour I stopped for breakfast at a Dude Ranch….hey it was right on the way and they had hot Coffee per the sign…
Sure enough, this young lady fixes me right up with a short stack and coffee.
After some food I felt much better and headed out again.
Little did I know that this view was going to become a more common sight.

Then it clears up some and I enjoy some more beautiful vistas

Oh, yeah and then there was this to keep you looking every chance you get...

Rode some roads today that were deep gravel with heavy water ledges making it a “full time job” just keeping the bike under me. I made it to Pinedale about 12:30 when the rains came….

looked up at the mountains I was heading for and they were socked in so I got a room and worked on the ride report. Forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look much better but “PM” thunderstorms may mean if I leave early thirty I can make some good mileage…….
Wish me luck, more as it happens.

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