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Day 5

And this brings us to today.

My wife and I woke up this morning, tossed our gear in our car and headed to Dallas, once again.

We saw this bumper sticker on the way. I have to say, I kinda look like a hippie with my long hair and was scared.

We arrived at about 2 and were overjoyed to see our bike eagerly awaiting our return. Ken explained to me that he just happen to have a perfectly good, used head that (after getting it cleared with Ural first) was used to replace my broken parts under warranty. The main culprit had been a busted valve guide that was causing all sorts of problems.

Here's the little trouble maker.

And again.

I had never seen these models in person before - wowee.

Again with the '55.

Before I took off with my bike, however, Ken suggested I take it for a quick ride. I eagerly jumped on and took off down the street. Less than a mile later, the bike died. I coasted to the shoulder and immediately began spouting curse words. I called Ken on the phone and he was on the scene in minutes. He got out of his car, took a few minutes to assess the situation then asked, "Does it have gas?". I am a schmuck.

We returned to the shop, and I got my wallet out to pay. Yet, when I asked how much I owed, Ken told me $20! Twenty-freaking-dollars for hours and hours of work! And really, all I paid for was the extra tube and tube repair I had done by his shop. If that doesn't say something about how Ural takes care of their customers, I don't know what will. Not only that, Ken went out of his way to make my trip possible. I will not forget that...

With the savior of our trip.

Anyway, our trip was finally on! We spent the next 2 hours fighting our way out of the DFW area. Can I say I hate driving in the city? It sucks. We were sweaty and I was tired from all the stop and go but we were happy. It was weird - we were just happy to be on the road after such a strange couple of days.

When we finally got out of town, the ride really started. It was early evening, the roads were small and empty, and all seemed right with the world.

We stopped just outside of Dallas in a town called Mineral Wells for the night and we are stoked for what's coming next!

Day 5 mileage: 127 miles

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