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Originally Posted by rjudge

We almost met on the PEI to NS ferry. I lodged in a place on the SE PEI shore on the night of the 18th and was planning to make the 10:30 ferry to NS on the 19th. I got to around Cardigan and realized I'd just miss the 10:30. I decided to ride around to the bridge instead of waiting for the 12:30 and goofing off around the ferry terminal and town. Wish I had picked the ferry & been able to say hello.

We're holed up in Pictou, NS right now waiting for Bill parts to blow over. The Cabot trail was great wasn't it? Did you get to go up to the northern point to Meat Cove? Really sceninc. Girls and landscape.

Later! Safe riding!


I did meet you down at Oark one time before didn't I. Seems earlier this year I remember you on a KLR and your being from McAls.
Its a small world out there.

No meat cove for me, I was doing the told to me impossible, got of the boat in NS around 2pm and showed up at ferry for NF 15min before we loaded after running the CW loop of Cabot, I was fast. I'm very impressed with the women, Frederiction was a high and St John's probably becasue its my namesake town

Originally Posted by stargazer4957
Hey John! Was great running in to you in NB... sounds like you found the rain that Ray and I just missed when we came across the Confed Bridge from PEI a bit earlier. It was so hot that day that a little rain on the ride might have been refreshing! Thanks for sending me the link... and for the pic... spent a fair part of the day catching up on your ride... nice! Was homebound waiting out Hurricane Bill today... looks like you made it across to Newfoundland just in time. Hope Bill doesn't cause you any trouble over there!! Enjoying the posts... will keep following you. Always welcome if you ever get back this way! Ride safe and all the best on your continued amazing journey!

Mr Bill didn't even phase us, it was my real first hurricane me being in the path and what a dud, no problems here on the North shore down east in New Melbourne. I love all the welcome invitations more than anything, its why I live traveling on a bike so much, its really good living.
Originally Posted by throttlemeister'ssis
Well, I was checking out the weather scene and boy does it look crap. Sure hope you've got some stilts for your little cot. Looks like you might need them. Apparently Tom's having weather problems of his own. Not so sure about driving up to OK for Labor Day now. Sounds like the LR3 needs to find a different home. Took the seadoo out today after replacing the wear ring and it ran like a champ. I bought a tube and had some fun at a quarry lake.

Hope you don't look like a drowned, hairless rat in your next pics...if you remember to take any that is. xx, K

Mr Bill at nothing, I'll ride the eye of the storm.
Glad you guy your ski fixed, now stay out of the shallows. I'll have to hear more about Tom's stuff

Originally Posted by spick
Great meeting you at the Soiree. Safe travels. ;)
Steve??- You've got one of the good ones, girls that ride are even more awesome. Hope you guys get down the road and live it up, there should be no disappointments.

Keep up the training Nancy, nice to meet you and Steve.

Nice NF rail ride, I'm looking through.

My first multi post, still working out the details on how to make it work right.
Thanks for the comments.
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