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August 22 turned out to be the most relaxing day so far after another early morning party until 4am for the second night in a role I woke up refreshed from a good sleep and ready to work on some updates and do some reading online about the rock and do some calling about some parts and check on the progress of glasses to see if they had my Rx.

The start of a new day:

The news was good when the girl said the Rx lenses where in stock and could be ready with a simple measurement and then produced while I wait so that would be most excellent. On a worse not, I have been interested in procuring a spare fuel pump because my gut feeling and a slight different noise from with in the tank is giving me a slight bit of concern. The bike is running good other than the before metioned high side of the throttle where the bike kind of falls on its face when at speed, okay high speed, so that is not much of a problem. The fuel pump is one of those little things that can leave you high and dry literally on the side of the road so I bit the bullet and sent for one that will with all luck be in the city on Tuesday afternoon so two problems solved with one trip. Also St John's is the eastern most terminus of the North American continent and you got to go to the edge and see it yourself.

The best mentioned part of the day today was the accomadations while I was working and reading so diligently thoughout the day and no one would believe me if I told them where I was working in the greatest spot that I have ever surfed the net, a little slice of heaven right here in NF at the Surfhouse.

The surfhouse is the conception of a great beach house by Craig D. who did the framining and many of the key components of construction himself. A surfer and a rider and one hell of a host.
Good waves abound out front with clear looking ocean:

Here's the man with a good wave under his long board photo montage:
He started way out there:

Cutting it good now:

Craig made it all the way in:

Now that's a big woodie, 11' worth:

This is one of my new favorite places, an excellent place to work on updates and drink lots of beers:

And its master Graig D:

He hooked me up for the rest of the weekend and was a hell of a place to spend my first hurricane, Mr. Bill. Was nothing, thunderstorms give me more of a rise.

He made a cool layout in here:

from the other end off the stairs:

It was quite easy to do quality work from here and the weather was near perfect temperature for open window sound of the wave action happening:

Did I say I'm blessed to meet such great people, I really am.

This was my previous night's digs, I moving up fast in the world:

at least I was close to these little bitches:

I got some updating done in style working here.and spent most of the day and the actual only riding I did was a quick run up to Skibum's place to get my spare charger and wouldn't know it Graig had a nice F8 Gs to buzz up on, but even with that quick ride I knew it was a bike I could use, just without the Jesses, they where just mounted a hair low for my liking or need a taller seat maybe. The light feel of the bike was the most amazing part, feels pounds lighter than my Dakar six-fidy

The rest of the day was just hanging out up for pulled pork dinner that was tasty, not the best pork I've ever had (I'm from OK) it was up there near the top end, sorry Dave Noel, not wanting to break your heart

Some of the crew down by the beach getting photos that I was too lazy to get riding to:

Strange beer product cans could be found little blurry to appreciate but its some Salmon Festival from Grand Falls Windsor. I don't remember them advertising on beer cans much back home, only on cola cans. Funny, these guys most be some real beer drinkers up here to put the advertising on beer cans or maybe I don't pay attention to the cans back home. I am suprised to see Coors Light with a decent presence within the market here.

You can see I didn't ride enough today...tomorrow I will change all that.

Still a wonderful time meeting all the new folks on the ROCK, rock on people

More later,

Real time now: the plan now is to go back to St John's today and first thing in the morning get the glasses fitting and made up, then have a lunch and then grab my new spare fuel pump from Keith at the Toy House. After these stops head over to the West large side of the island and see about some freight ferry hops down on the south shore to save me an in/out road riding.
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