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The ride continues

8/24/09 = Day 7 Pinedale, WY to Steamboat Springs, CO. 371 Miles
Woke up around 5am and started to get going, was a little worried about the weather and what the roads might be like after the heavy rains of yesterday and last night.
Very cool this morning with fog to top it off so had to be pretty careful early morning. I was delighted to see that the sandy roads were all but dry, no dust and good traction.

I kept a close eye on this build up as I was heading right for it but missed it just to the south.

Right away the landscape started to get interesting

but since it was open range cattle were always close by and many staked out their “spot” right in the middle of the road.
Pronghorns were everywhere too; saw literally hundreds of them by days end mostly in herds but with an occasional buck off by itself.

Sunrise out on the prairie was a welcome and beautiful sight as it burned off the early morning fog and added some welcome warmth to the day.

I rolled into Atlantic City, WY mid morning and it was very much asleep. Neat buildings and history though.

Then more endless miles out on the prairie, these roads were a blast and I ran my speed up over 50 at times way too much fun!

I had been seeing foot prints and bicycle tracks in the sand for miles as I left Atlantic City and sure enough I come up on four guys and a gal that were hiking all the way to Mexico on the Continental Divide. Not sure what they were drinking but from the looks of things it was starting to wear off…..seriously they said they were having a great time. They snapped my picture as well.

Next I run up on three mountain bikers they too were on the Divide and were going to Mexico. Two of them did not stop but I did visit with “Bruce”, nice guy and obviously in great shape.

Later in the day I would pass yet one more mountain biker peddling away.

I gas it and enjoy more miles of this sandy double track. After a couple hours of this I stop and attend to business and try to get creative at picture taking with out a tri-pod….not too good.

Just to give you an idea of the openness of this area here is another shot. I was real glad I was not hiking or mountain biking though!

Next up Wild Horses….they were very wary and took off like a cannon shot as soon as they saw me. I saw several herds of them and all took off like mad at first sight.

The road started to deteriorate a bit with a lot more sand.

I was finding that my fuel was getting pretty low and just as I hit the interstate for the short jog into Rawlins, WY. I spot another motorcyclist by the side of the road…out of gas. Big cruiser said his other two riding partners would miss him and come back he was well…hoping. I looked at the GPS and it was 5.6 miles to a fuel stop and so I told him that I would look for his Goldwing and BMW riding buddies there, if not I would bring him back some fuel. Sure enough they were not there so I filled up and headed back to help the guy, just as I got there they were pulling away…oh well an extra 10 miles to help a fellow biker was no big deal.

When I pulled into to gas pump I had 226 miles on my GPS and took 3.1 gallons of gas in a 3.6 gallon tank….almost had to break out my two MSR bottles I keep in my sweet cheeks seat expander, best $39 I ever spent!

Got a bite to eat and then fueled up I again headed South. Rolling around a corner I see this…open range is or can be very dangerous..

I ride on another hour and come around another curve and am awestruck by what I see.. Aspen trees, standing tall like soldiers. What a sight.

I have been lucky today missing all the many rain cells in the mountains and see I may still get wet as I see what is across the way.

Then I come up on Battle Mountain, WY (not to be confused with Battle Mountain in Colorado on the TAT). Interesting history and great vistas too.

Next I hit the WY/CO border and the views again start to change.

Welcome to Colorado.
I roll into Steamboat Springs, CO. a tired puppy after 371 miles today.

Got a room and some food, checked over the bike and took a shower. If everything goes well tomorrow I hope to make Salida, CO.

Stay tuned……
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