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Talking Grossglockner High Alpine Street .. Austria

A day off. I had to work on the weekend, so i got free days this week. Living 39
years in Bavaria, so i have been a few hundred times in Austria but never have
been to the famous "Grossglockner" and the "Hochalpenstrasse" going through
this wonderful Landscape. So i decided to spent a day and 18.- EUR. Yes, it's
18.- EUR to use the road. Till today i was not sure if this could be worth it.

Now i got my Sticker. In other words, i've been there, rode the street 2 times
and i would do it again.

Starting yesterday morning at 0800h and it was foggy on my way to the alps.

but after a few kilometers, when reaching Bayrischzell, it clears up and i was
sure, this will be a fine, sunny day.

long story short ... rode through the "Wilder Kaiser" Region (Wild Emperor) to
the Toll Boothes of the Grossglockner, paid my 18.- EUR (second ride in the
same year for 4.- EUR) and started to see the Grossglockner and the dead
end at "Franz-Josef-Haus".

note the ADV Patch on the Sleeve ... ;) ok .. thank you.

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