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Home made took kit

Made my own. Had some stuff already, bought what I needed to complete it. All up, less than 50 bucks. I do plan on getting the Beadbrakr so didn't duplicate what will be coming in that.


8mm 11mm 12mm and 2X13mm


1 3/8 bar with 1/4 adapter

1 1/4 round hand ratchet

1 3/8 extension

1 1/4 extension


Drivers=T10 T20 T25 T27 T30 T40 T45 T50

Sockets= E8 E12

Hex Head:

4mm 6mm

Rare earth magnet in case I drop something in the dirt.

LED flashlight with carabiner to illuminate work area in the dark

Roadgear digital pressure gauge.

Seeing as how the seat has an area for a first aid kit in the event you get a paper cut retrieving your registration, I figured I could put the area to better use. I cut the plastic flanges, ran two velcro straps underneath, put all my tools into a $3 pouch and voila! They now reside under the seat.

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