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Originally Posted by jpooch00
Unstoppable! - unless: they get wet, too hot, too cold, the FD grenades, the transmission grenades, the clutch wears out, gets oil contamination, is destroyed due to slight movement of left hand guard or the hub splines strip, the transmission input/output shaft splines strip, any or all of the various oil seals fail, the HES sensor quits working, the immobilizer ring craps out, the fuel pump controller gets wet or the cheap-assed electrolytic capacitor in it gets a little warm and shorts out, you hit a pothole & blow one or both shocks, the electronic dash fails, the ABS unit fails, the battery fails, the injector bodies get seriously out of sync, the fuel filter gets stopped up, the valves are not perfectly adjusted, you put more than 6000 miles on the rear brakes or any of the brake rotors warp, you stall on the freeway when your fuel gage/strip sensor craps out, the stick coils fail, the side stand micro switch fails, any or all of the wiring harnesses short out, break, corrode or disintegrate, the motorcycle is otherwise ridden for any length of time without major maintenance and/or repair work performed at a dealership, including making it run like crap with a software "update", at the standard rate of $100/hr"
That is some good signature material.
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