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Insert clever airhead based title here ....

So, this has arrived from glorious Essex, and will be ripped apart & rebuilt as a standard non-modded 80k mile 1985 R80RT with a 1k top end, stainless pipes, panniers & top box etc. Gone thru top to tail but left as an 'honest example' as we say over here in the grand old county of Fuckshire. Which is here, which is not over there, which is where most of you are, there.

We've never tried to build  'The Standard One' before, as most of the airheads produced by Martha Farquar Motorcycles* have benfited from lavish application of hacksaws & grinders & battery repositionings & a wonderful patina of use & abuse & the liberal application of hammers, sometimes intentionally. Not oily & grit spattered from neglect, sort of ratty but not survival**, certainly not brochure restoration*** - What's the least it needs to run?

So, The Standard One presents a different challenge. I've not previously enjoyed the idea of being restricted by what Helmut thought best. When free to mod I find most bits from most years fit across most production variations, or can mostly be made to easily. While we won't be sticking exactly to brochure spec for that exact frame number*** we will aim to present our lucky buyer with a '85 BMW for which they will give us reasonably many of their English Pounds.

Toodle pip!?!

* A loose comedy assemblage of people who failed metalwork/shop, and generally accept the outcome of a fabrication for what it turned out to be, rather than being concerned with how far it was from that which was intended :-D Except Dan Dan the Dan Dan Man, who can actually use tools and machines to a (generally) successful outcome. We point at him in wonder, and ask to see his certificates (again), though he is verging on OCD when it comes to polishing, I think it's because he didn't have a pony as a child :-D
** Gas mask headlight surrounds no thankyou***
***No dis to those who do, but we don't :-D
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