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Originally Posted by pnoman
Located on Rt 119 in Clendenin, about 20 miles north of Charleston.

According to some articles I found online, Union Carbide at one time was the largest employer in West Virginia (that was before WalMart) and the unemployment in WV was one of the highest in the nation. Therefore, UC could pressure it's way into poverty-stricken regions and not have to pay taxes, and was also pretty immune to having to clean up after itself. If pressured to clean up, it would simply imply "we could move to a more hospitable area". Jobs were scarce, so they were allowed to write their own rules. UC employees at the time had up to 4 times the normal rate of leukemia and twice the rate of brain cancer.

View across the river to where the chemical plants were located. Hmmm, just thinking about what it would be like to live on the site of an abandoned Union Carbide chemical plant . Love Canal, WV??? Scary.
You guys know I'm from down in that area, and this hits home for me. Luckily the cancer in my family has not been leukemia. It wasn't just Carbide that got away with that, Monsanto, Allied, and others located along "Chemical Valley" did it too. That's what made Nitro, WV a town. My mom walked through a site that had been a toxic waste dump every day going to school. It wasn't until the 90's that a list of some things disposed of there was released. It's truly scary seeing what they got away with.

That's one of the reasons the failed "Open for Business" slogan bothered, no outraged, me so much. I had visions of this happening again. Don't get me wrong, I'm no tree huggin' hippie, but I believe in responsible waste management. And that ain't dumping whatever you please in the nearest stream, river, or hollow (read "holler").

Sorry for the ranting.


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