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Aug 23 the mad fun continues:

A sun-up I tied thanks to Graig,
My intial attempts, you be the judge:

another one:

The pano I like it:

I'd woke up in the morning this Sunday staying at the surfhouse feeling in top form and ready to go for a ride. The target with a return back to the surfhouse to beat Mr Bill Hurricane was going to be to Bonavista, the pennisula next over to the West of the the New Melbourne pennisula. I ended up leaving for a ride a nice 400+ mile ride. No crazy ass stories just a nice ride covering some ground out of the the Eastern neck of the island.
Here's the good people I shared the surfhous with:
We've got Craig, Steve, and Nancy all just super

A montage of the rally site, poopers:

Some of the riders:

and some bikes:

There was a sabatour in the bunch, new badge for the mule place during the nightime festivities:

So many towns with some many crazy names like; Heart's Desire, Heart's Content, Heart's Delight (most named due to the shape of the bays), Come By Chance, and the every famous Dildo that never voted to change its name unlike a few other another local towns like one formerly known as Gayside and the then the baymen decided to go with Baytona and a Hibb's Hole going to Hibb's Cove. Name can make a place, Dildo has remained possibly only as a known tourist attraction for all the dirty bastards out there that want the picture. Am I really one...

A nice day but started out a little hot and sweaty trying to coax the mule up some paths she didn't want to go back to the rail beds off of these route:

These can get tight and slimy some time, my rear tire would have been nice.

Bout 4 wheeler wide, the mule gets slapped almost continuosly as she goes by the ever encroaching alder bush that's always grabbing for you or by all the piney trees, one or the other and sometimes both.

Pretty soon it led to the mule wanting to lay down on me:

Not wanting to do much more heavy lifting and went back to the bigger roads and on to the TCH to go up to the next pennisula and see the point.
Lunch was in order by this time and I spent every C $ I had for it, for 10 it was good and yes the relish works just don't ask me how:

from a small roadside cafe/station just South of Come By Chance, nice people working there. After we both got filled we continued on our way as it should be:

Moving out in the arm of the island I found a nice gravel road going out to a provincial park that I turned off down:

Real nice riding to the turnoff of the park then it got worse, or should I say better for our ride, nothing too wild just lots of pot holes and such. A newer side road going North of the track I was on that the Garmin dosen't know and I would like be familar with but I had an agenda to move on.

Came out by the sea on the West side and moved on out to the point.

John squared not even trying to.

In to Bonavista for a look around, the harbour:

They have a sailing relic, repo I'm almost sure, that they keep in the big blue shed over there in the foreground on the far side of the harbour. Here's that one:

Its a got a gift shop that I pulled up along side and then out come the pretty gift shop lady checking me or the mule out, I'm thinking it was me
She liked bikes alot and thought the mule looked good and was impressed with all the dirt and scratches, she was a good girl with a little one in the oven but that didn't stop her:

I was looking for an ice cream and she was able to direct me to a local watering hole in town for a cold drink:

They give you a bell with your beer, the first time ever for me, I only used it to call in the pretty maid to question her, no pics for you of her but my little bell:

One was just right and now off to the lighthouse on the point:

In the past history of this lighthouse there was a fog horn operator that lived with his family out on the rocky point and had just a small footbridge across this gap as his only communication with the mainland, thankfully in a storm in the first part of the 20th century it got wiped out and was never rebulit, I'm sure the fog operator was not disappointed too much having to walk over a rickety walkway across this:

Inside was a nice show and this Sunday it was the freebie day and I took advantage of the situation at hand. The lighthouse structure had 3 main levels and on each level was a host in period dress talking about the daily routine of life at the house. The first level was where a counter weight would slowly fall over a two hour period that would rotate the light assembly much like the pull chains on a grandfather clock work. It would fall and the operator or their assistant would go up to the light house's top level and crank the weight back up to the top to slowly fall again and keep the light assembly turning.
The first level showing the that counterweight:

Tne next level was my favorite level or maybe it was just the host. Megan was a student from the mainland on summer break from university who spend her summer working out at Bonavista Lighthouse. She's a twenty year old sharpy who's wanting to be a neurosurgeon, you go girl. Very pleasant and pretty, typical of the nice women found on the island. She gave me a good tour of the second floor with the flag room and the flume light tubes, the flags used to communicate with passing ships could ask and receive questions with ease just using a combination of flags.

Moving on up into the top level where the guts of lighthouse where located, very old stuff that works well over many years, heavy duty construction:

Here are the reflectors, and the round spoked wheel can control how fast the lights rotate, never did pick up what the change in speed meant or why it would be needed?? Must be for that thick chewy type of fog needs more speed.

Also seems John Cabot made one of his landings in or around this area in the 1497. My attempt:

There I got some help to show two famous explorers documented forever in immortality, he made me look short, I think he was embelished somewhat:

The info:

They had a community farm, and I was trying to set up a shot with the mule and some sheep overlooking the sea but alas my battery failed and I needed to get back to the hurricane hole to wait on Mr. Bill.

The mutton:

The mule is a friend of the moose now:

I made my way back to the surfhouse to wait out the storm but before the hurricane came across to the north shore to have the closing ceremonies of the first Skibum Soriee out on the bank of the North Atlantic ocean. It was a nice closing to a great day:
Dun dun na dun na dun dun, (superman theme inserted here). Reggfoo2's fireworks display photo montage:

Good times in New Foundland
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