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Originally Posted by johno
You Americans need to get out more

Hes a Too and From From the mother country, good old England

They say all sorts of weird things over there. A bit like us Aussies

But then we are only a bunch of naughty Poms anyway

I've probably traveled more than most on here. I've been to 6 places in Oz plus Tazzie-land on 2 different trips.

I have drunk the green slime, had the meatpies at Rottsnest Island off the coast of Perth/Freemantle, dove the barrier reef near Green Island in the NE, walked the old prison near Hobart, and driven all over the UK and Ireland, had a pint at the guinness factory, walked the giant's causeway and the beaches where they filmed Saving Private Ryan, and had too much to drink on Wine St in Swansea, Wales.

but I still didn't understand what the hell he said. We yanks are just hopeless I guess. I think if I drink more and re-read it, I'll understand.
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