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Now, here's a little quiz - Which one of us has a sump full of metal cornflakes & glitter? That's right. ME!?!

Because I've been pointing my affections at the new project in the top pic, my regular airhead ride has decided to blow up. It's nothing to do with me running it on full throttle for 50 miles straight on a hot day, or the slightly low oil level, or the lean mixture & short pipes causing it to run hot. No, it's nothing to do with any of those things.

It's jealous. They always get jealous when you switch attention to another machine, and immediately throw a big end or main in revenge just to re-focus your attention. Being parked in the front yard it didn't know that I was already ratting up a K75 in the back yard. But wheeling the new one & boxes of spares directly past was asking for trouble.
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