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Originally Posted by bpeckm
I was going to suggest that a swollen clutch ......
The clutch certainly was dragging, because with the gearbox on, bike in gear and the clutch lever arm wedged full forward to disengage the plates*, you still couldn't turn the back wheel. The starter was off so we could see the plates moving, apparently fully separating, but we still couldn't turn the wheel beyond the take up in the driveshaft shock. Once off the gearbox turned smoothly from both input & output ends, so that's fine as far as we can tell at this stage in the process** We could lever the crank round on the teeth of the starter drive ring, though there was some debate about the length of lever my co-constructor was allowed access to as I have heard the sound 'snap' on far too many occasions to welcome it into my ear again. He was gentle though, as gentle as a horny giraffe on a rocking horse, and it shifted round but there's still a tightness. I've plooked penetrating free-all magic fluid into the cylinders and we'll see how it progresses***

I'm sort of leaning toward bound rings, but the barrels will have to come off as part of getting to any bearings anyway, and if we discover the problem at that stage, and can flap*** the big ends & rotate the crank, then we know we're ok. If the crank doesn't rotate it could still be something locking in the cam line?, but if we disassemble in the right order the problem will become apparent through the elimination of what isn't broken. Probably

My other boxer ('DMW') is a '78 block with post '81 nikasil barrels****, in a '79 chassis with a K100 front end. I'm thinking the nikasils on this new one will be ok, but all will become clear when we get the barrels off. I don't know what I'm doing as I failed metalwork, but I'm trying to follow a sequenced chain from 'most likely', thru 'if not, then it could be...', to 'ah, there it is' Or, as we say roun' these 'ere parts:

We go toward by coming from.

Tatty Bye.

* A shortage of nipples was to blame. Apparently not a problem Lily Allen has to face?
**Process? Hahahaha!?!
*** A technical term used in the measurement of 'Not Stuck'
**** Don't use the rubber rings on the skirt or it won't fit down, the pre '78 crankcase mouths are very slightly smaller? I found the rubber ring just sheared and the base of the barrel leaked.
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