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Originally Posted by DockingPilot
Help my feeble mind if you would mate. What #'s are for the rears and what are for the front ?
3 rear and 2 front, is that right ?
No worries..

the bearings are exaclty the same for both front and rear. the only difference is in the seals.

the rear hub uses a bearing either side and the cush drive uses a bearing as well as it is a seperate piece. so 3 x bearings on the rear hub and 2 x 30 x 47 x7 seals. there isnt a part number on the seals as your bearing stockist should keep them in stock they are a standard seal and can get them anywhere.

the front hub uses the same 6204 bearing and 1 x 30 x 47 x7 seal on the left side and 1 x 25 x 47 x7 on the right side. this seal has thr front axle shaft run through the seal instead of a spacer. thats why it requires a 25mm id seal.

5 x bearings. 3 for rear and 3 for front
3 30mm id seals for rear and one for l/h/f
1 25mm id seal for r/h/f

i hope this helps..
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