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Spot On TaSK

Originally Posted by tagesk
Well, it is far too long.
In the sense: A list of this kind should be very short.

I think it is safe to conclude that the ones who buys a 12GS for the dreams they could make come true with it,
far outnumbers the ones who actually make their dreams come true.
BMW is not a church, and they have responded to that shift by making a street-only bike. Selling in the tens of thousands!


This is from another forum but for me really nails the future of GS/GSA bikes in the BMW line..and for me to it is sad.


Originally Posted by lamble
In Motorcycle News, UK weekly bike newspaper, they announced that BMW will be fitting a detune HP2 Sport engine DOHC engine to the GS. Only minor cosmetic tweaks.

But 22 bhp power boost.

They may drop the R1200S and HP2 Megamoto which was limited run. However, a lower spec Megamoto may be moved into mass production.

So DOHC...revving to 8750rpm rather than current GS peak at 7k. Should be fun.

First my '07 GSA has about 100 hp and honestly 122 hp is way over kill on my bike since I ride it 90% off road..spinning to 8750 rpm rather than keeping the power and torque down lower is also not what I would want in an off road a gentleman on another forum commented that BMW is shifting the design of the GS series to pavement touring...this would verify that.

My question: Is the HP2 the bike which BMW required periodic major engine rebuilding?

Can't remember which bike it was that does require it..
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