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Originally Posted by JRWooden
IMHO, I would not carry a torque wrench on the bike.

Many folks that have been working on vehicles for some time have developed a "feel" for torque that is very accurate.

To improve mine, before I took off on my first trip I .... checked/set torque on the key fastners with my torque wrench and then went back and "tested" them with the wrench & extensions I planned to have with me on the trip.

This gave me a good enough "feel" for the rough value to get rolling again.
If I had any doubt I would get the next shop along the way to double-check my work for critical stuff

Just my $0.02
thanks for this and all the other replies will pick one up as i don't have one and give it a try and see if I can get the feel for it (asking for trouble). Will have a look around different shops to find one i'm happy with hopefully
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