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Originally Posted by tmex
Well, got the wheel into San Jose BMW this morning. Sure enough, the hub is trashed. Tech had to use a torch to get the rotor side outer race out of the buggered hub. Good guys there went ahead and jammed in a replacement bearing in so I can at least roll the bike onto a trailer to bring her home. They did not have to do that, and I appreciate it. Obviously the concern would be that if the bike were ridden it would self-destruct in short order. We shall see what happens next. When I get a replacement wheel or hub I'm just sending both wheels to Woody's to lace on proper rims and strong spokes. I will also install quality sealed bearings. As long as the scooter (assuming some bubbas have not already stolen it) will be down for awhile, I may as well do things right.

That was my exact approach. all except the part where you had BMW touch your bike again .. not a chance!

do it right and you shouldn't have an issue, perhaps you should complete your little wheel project and send BMwankers the bill?..

everything to do with the wheels are puss!
I now run an excel S7 high tensile Double Sig rims, 8 guage SS HD spokes and nipples and quality bearings/seals.. woody couldnt come up with a combo quick enough so i took it into my own hands..

Good luck.
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