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Monday the 24th the day after my first wimpy hurrincane, I slept sound through it, no worries from the North shore of New Foundland.

I got up sometime in the morning with little more to do than straighten up the surfhouse and finish up the first time I did my laundry this trip, it was nice to have some clean clothes again instead of just the right guard bath I've normally been getting.

Problem here is that when I went to St. John's the other day I forgot to get my SD card put into my camera so all my Aug 24th pictures are stuck on my internal drive of my computer and I don't have a mini usb to pull them off so no pictures yet, will edit it later once I get the cable. *Edit the camera problem was solved today and I can upload the photos from the Eastern most point in North America

Not much but screwing around today, Ron from NJ (regfoo2)another inmate that came up from the states to Skibum's rally and I had crashed at the surfhouse the night before and me needing to get to the city to pick up my new specs and spare pump thought it best to go Monday afternoon instead of early Tuesday morning. Ron decided to go over since he had yet to go to St John's and we ended up leaving in the late afternoon and didn't get to the city until the early eveing and didn't even go to the eastern most point because we ran out of time.

*Edit place a little out of orde but here they are:

Here's what we got up at Cape Spear:

There where two lighthouses that where at the point, this was the one farther up the way, this is the most amount of sun it could muster this morning:

Got a real nice pano of this one and the flag tree, stitched nicely:

The crapper just let it run down the hill to the ocean below:

One of the first planes of the morning heading East:

Here's the other smaller house, little less impressive, its the current one that's working:

Another pano, not as good as the first I think, I miss the stitch by a little:

Back to the other one:

The sun just neve could make a hole through the clouds:

The gun barrels from the one of the two gun batteries bulit on Cape Spear. The took down the mechanism that aimed and help reload the two gun. It was a very impressive solution to help with firing and loading the breech loading guns. They were produced at an amory down in the states long before WWII and most have been retrofitted to use at this location, back when New Foundland was still and independent country before they joined Canada. Seem like I remember them being cast in 1897 or something toward the end of the 19th century. Here's a small picture of the weapons system to give you an idea, I was very impressed with the layout:

And what he battery solider whould wake up to each day, the bunkers themselves where very well built and what's left gave a person a strong idea of what life might have been like manning this station:

Another angle of the same weapon:

The two guns where placed in such a position that the two alone where able to cover the entire approach to the St. John's harbour but to my knowledge if I remember correctly they where never invloved in any conflict. I heard the harbour entrance was netted to keep German uboats out of the bay.

I then got the madatory far East pictures:

I cheated death and paced the in coming waves to get some of these shots, here was a good one from up a little bit but still far East and high above the ranging water below:

The mule getting as far East as she could:

I got some a little closer to where the stupid people get swept away but they are on Ron's camera because my SD card was not in my camera and I filled its internal memory up quickly.

Craig arranged to have us stay at his nice home in St. John's so we where hooked up once more by the superhost. We arrived unloaded and had some drinks and tasty toasted sandwiches that hit the spot. I slept well for the little time I was out and then Lisa woke me up as requested to catch the sun in the morning as it lights the eastern most point in North America for the first time each new day.

So it sucks that the photos for for 24 and early 25 are stuck in the internal memory where I have yet to been able to retreive them. Edit is coming up.

The next morning the 25th I was excited to go see the sun rise but was slow getting the gear on and leaving for the morning rise. Ron and I made it out there to somewhat cloudy morning skies and I rushed up the numerous stairs to get a view, I had some nice shots and was limited by the internal memory capacity, damn it. I was constantly erasing the not so good and saving my best, I pulled off some nice panoramic shots. Looking forward to posting these.

After the lighthouse Ron and I spilt off so he could chase down some new fuel line and clamps to fix a small leak and I took off for Vogue glass place to see well again. After getting fitting up and installed I got some directions to the Toy Box where Keith and Trevor hooked me up, except they didn't have my fuel pump which apparently didn't get shipped from somewhere to somewhere else where it should have been.

After finishing up a few things, rear brake pads, all the fluids, and other little tidbits I went back over to Craig and Lisa's place to load up and head West so I wouldn't waste any more time on the East side waiting. The understanding was that Ketih at the ToyBox wouldn't get the pump until Thrusday so he arranged to have it shipped over the Goose Bay where I could retreive it at the Yami dealer after I got of the ferry so I could continue on my way with spare finally in hand.

A moment for the ToyBox, this is a well run shop in St. John's that was resonable and fair dealing with, all the parts just cost more here than what we are used to in the states. Keith and Trevor are some good guys and should be able to help out with just about anything, unless you need that special order part and then it just takes lots of shipping to get something here on the island. Check them out if you got some trouble on your trip.

Here's the guy that can help, Keith in his domain:

I showed back up to Craig and Lisa's place and was enticed to stay another night and have some juicy steaks and red wine, it could not have been nicer time, sans Lisa since she had prior plans, they both are very capable cooks and it shows well:
Craig in the middle, Ron right, and the author left

After diner Graig took me for a quick look up on Signal Hill, the site of the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic and a great view of the city below, a lesser light house near the opening of the harbour, and of Cape Spear a ways in the distance:

Here the harbour from above off Signal Hill

Craig helping me out with some for proof:

The signal hill building, radio tower?? Hurricane Bill bought with it cool temperatures, it was chilly that night.

The lesser light house near the harbour opening:

Cape Spear where I bout got swept away, this is as far East as North America goes, the pictures stuck on the internal memory are good of this:

That was the two days I spent loafing around in St John's. I did get some new glasses so I can see the moose now, I changed all the fluids in the bike sans the brake stuff, put some new rear shoes on and I DIDN'T get my spare fuel pump so tomorrow on the 26th I load and head to the unexplored West side of the island.

Looking forward to more of this.

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