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Up to date for the first time, its crazy typing in real time drinking in a bar thinking about where I will lay down for the night, it doesn't matter, still walking and talking.

I left the city this morning after nice juice and muffins to fill me up and headed to the West side of the island, left the townie to hand with the baymen.
One of the neater buildings I liked in the city, the old rr station with the cool old copper roof, there are a few trains left in NF, just hardly any tracks at all:

Got little cris crossed trying to get on the TCH but hooked up on it and ran the big road to the other side of the island. Didn't take many photos flogging down the road but did get in a few.

The road ahead, I don't know:

I did stop once I saw a sign for some pizza, I was in the mood. Pizza Delight worked for today:

After the p break, pizza and piss that is, I went ahead and pulled out the hot jacket and lit it up, its so nice running down the road and flipping a switch and just starting to feel like someone is pouring warm water all over your neck, back, and arms. Its just a wonderful feeling riding in cooler temperatures with the powered gear, call me a wuss, I rode up in Alaska to Prudoe in Sept 2007 and look the the Michelin man and then is so much easier; you should try it if you have not ever.

I traveling through the Terra Nova NP but didn't even care to stop, I just continued on up the road to Gander looking for the Honda dealership and Dave Noel to see if he was around and check to the place out, alas all I could find was the old Honda dealer that was closed up.
Leaving town there was a fender bender that damn near shut the place down, me be the off roader that I try to be pulled down a sled trail and went down near the right of way to get the TCH and bypass all the madness from the little fender bender. I went down a way and no such luck so I didn't want to come back to the crash site so I bush-wacked it the 15 yrds or so to come up by a road sign on a steep gravel pad to get up to the road surface. I guess it looked impressive enough when I kinda launched the front end up enough and flopped over on my right side that a passerbyer in a black late model Chevy stopped to help me out. I think he thought I might have broken my leg beause I kinda knocked up a bunch of gravel coming up from down in the alder bushes. I got it righted by myself and thanks the guy for shopping before I headed back off again down the TCH.

Next stop was to take a look at Bishop's Falls, a small hydro project that reminds me of Black Horse beer flowing through the flood gates and over the spilway; you really have to be there to appreaciate it, go to NF and look at all the beer flowing freeely, maybe its the tar in all those trees

My new specs that I don't care for too much yet:

the pano from the area:

I loaded up with fuel and ran a little rr trail back to the TCH and then went on down the road. I saw a lot of clearing of the ROW near the TCH and was trying to figure out what was mowing this stuff down, I was figuring on a hydro axe or one of the hydro mulcher type instead I saw these big thing with s swirling blade:

Had minimal constuction delays on the TCH due to some minor upkeep:

Stopped at another town I already forgot the name of and went to their little logging meusum where they had outdoor and some small cabin static display of logging industry in the olden days when hand saws and axes where used. Nice and free because I showed up at 4 and they closed at half past that hour:
A pit saw, of the elevated variety

An old CAT road grader:

And the local internet hub here in Deer Lake where I stayed hooked up for a long time:

My refreshments for the evening:

And some more others:

Now I sit up in the hotel lobby now because the bar has closed and I listen to the wind howling outside the door and I need to find a place to lay down and sleep some time before tomorrow comes.

I'm thinking of the Bon Tour of Westbrook Pond but have a hard time bringing myself to pay ~50 $ for the 2 hour boat ride, well think about that as I try to sleep somewhere tonight.

I'm out, and this is up to the minute updated less the pictures that are stuck on my stuped internal camera's memory.

goodnight and sleep well in your warm beds, I have yet to put up my tent this trip but tonight is looking like it unless I can find me a barn or something nice for shelter like that.
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