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Originally Posted by JoelWisman
As a public service, many here should pop over to orange crush and tell everyone how KTM engineers screwed up on the design of that bike since the subframes and frames bend occasionaly.

Same with KLR's.

Heck, my uncle is a proffesional engineer with Boing and would you believe that landing gear struts bend and even break when jumbos land hard, perhaps if I get you guys a picture you can inform him how they should be engineered!

My thought is that it is not just the upper mount that needs beefing up, after all, haven't a few bent the lower mount bolt as well? And to think, that mount only has an 1/8" gap on each side, we better make it less!

Actually I heard someone bent their handlebars, better add 20 lbs to them.

Ohh ohh the wheels, many bend rims all the time, better add at least 50 lbs of meat a rim.

Actually, let's just make the bike so heavy that it sinks if someone tries to ride it off road, that should fix any bending problems :)
That's how a 9 year old would frame it.

Another way would be;

It isn't feasible to engineer components to a standard which encompasses all variables. There will always be extraordinary circumstances which fall outside of the scope of the component's engineered parameters.

And i certainly agree with that.

I'll repeat myself just so it's clear.

I consider the circumstances under which my bolt bent to be extraordinary. I consider them to fall within the category of extraordinary because;

a) The rear shock was subjected to a fairly violent G-out
b) I was not using the factory installed shock
c) I'm not certain that the spring rate was correct on my aftermarket shock
d) Since replacing the components the problem has not re-occured

I will also repeat myself with regard to the design of the rear shock mount.

Since i'm not an engineer, i have no clue as to the strength of the rear shock mount. Under the circumstances described above, in my case, the bolt bent. Nothing more, nothing less.

From my layman's perspective, in comparison to the various other shock mounts i depicted, the mount on the F8 looks inferior in strength. Note how i state "looks inferior". I can only say it that way because i have no factual information to prove that statement.

Again, the mount as delivered from the factory has proven adequate for my use (as explained in an earlier post) barring the circumstances i mention above.
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