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Originally Posted by llamapacker
Didn't notice the crossmember being bent earlier, that would probably need to be cut out and a stronger piece welded in with the ears already attached of course. I weld and mod, so could fix that ONE, but the design still exists, I don't like it.
Just a thought here (not an engineer but I can think...sometimes, even though it hurts). Even if the cross piece is replaced how would one go about returning the two outside frame members to their original width? How about other related/attached frame geometry? This one needs to be fought at the highest levels of (shudder) BMW corporate. I'd hold out for a new bike as your frame makes me fret.

That said, if BMW corp does what we long time Beemer riders expect it to and kicks you to the curb, I will be very interrested in what your redneck tech redo looks like. Seems to me that if you replace the cross brace some further modifications could be made to the top mounting for the shock. Fingers crossed for you.
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