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This afternoon we took the barrels off the new one, and as we hoped the crank turns v freely now. The r/hand piston had, as suspected, bound into the barrel after 4 years sitting in a salt bog*, and in the end the simplest way to free it was to remove the studs & twist the barrel until it became free and could be pulled off. A couple of sections of the nikasil plating had already come away, independent of the piston stickage, so the barrel is in the 'pretty useless for now' store (my shed). It looks like the bike will go back to the 800 it was born as, because we have a paired set of 800 populated heads/nikasil barrels/pistons/carbs etc. in the spares department (my shed) which need checking but should be ok, and will accept the stainless downpipes we already have.

This is called 'Having a great pile of spare shit that may someday come in useful'.

Next, it seems the clutch/flywheel need pulling off & the rear crank oil seal needs checking, as it all looks a bit 'oily in the bellhouse' if you know what I mean. It may be fine but I think we've agreed it's better to check it while we can get at it. The clutch assembly & flywheel will need to be marked to retain their balanced state, if indeed they are balanced. The subframe & pannier racks are off being stripped & painted, and once the engine is out of the frame then it and the frame can be scrubbed up too. Then we can start sorting the electrics & reassembling it all. That all sounds a little too simple doesn't it?

Overall it's moving at a good pace, with no major problems so far. I would have liked to have got on with the fairing repairs today, but I was slightly tied up with the other boxer and its disintegrating big end shells, which I'll tell you about later.

Goodnight Corporal.

* It might as well have been.

PS. I have broken my Brane
...using the wrong spanner since 1964... ...Electronically begging for a rebuild via

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