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Originally Posted by YetiGS
Definitely. I got a spanner that has a 17 on one end and a 24 on the other.
While we're on that subject....

When I recently did a rear tire change I torqued the rear axel nut to the F8 OM recommended value: 100Nm. I just checked the chain tension using my tool roll kit. With my ratchet wrench and 24mm socket I could *not* budge that nut. I ended up using my breaker bar to start it.

So, my question is, how would you handle this in the field with a standard ratchet or wrench as YetGS has? (Carrying a 2ft breaker bar seems like overkill.) Was I foolish to believe the MOM torque value? Should I torque the nut down to Guten-nuff standards and leave it at that?

And I realized that my KLR650 has a hole thru the axel nut and axel that is secured by a cotter pin. The F8GS lacks that little bit of security. If snugging down the F8 axel nut just "good enough" that cotter pin (or safety wire) might be a good backup.

Then again I could be overthinking the whole thing.
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