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Bluhduh Pt 1 - Now where's all them cornflakes from?

So, the problem with the other boxer. At this point my camera has just landed in Washington DC, so pics are not possible, but oh - what a mess.

The left 'jug' all came off easily enough, but the conrod was tight on the big end. Not stuck, but would stand on its own, which as it turns out, is a really good way of avoiding that whole 'conrod/crankcase mouth bang/dent' thing. The right jug was reluctant to come off, so I detached the head & found the piston was happy enough to move in the bore, so it was stuck somewhere else. Cue levering & prodding. Stopping, trying again. Repeat. Repeat again harder. I removed the studs, to get a bit more movement but it still wouldn't shift. Eventually it came off, though on the way it destroyed any reputation I ever had for ‘gentle’

Now bearing in mind that this bike (below) is a ’78 block with post ’81 barrels, it seems as if the back end of the bevelled edge on the crankcase mouth lip has very slightly folded into the empty o-ring groove on the piston skirts, and was discouraging the barrel from coming out past the groove. That, in case you wondered, is not groovy. I never could get the set-up to seal successfully while using the o rings, and was eventually let into the secret after 3 weeks of trying, and it has sealed brilliantly without o rings for the last 3.5k miles. Getting it out however was another thing, and it’ll need some work before the cylinder goes back in. But I have to deal with the wider problem before it’s time for that.

The left conrod was as described, but the right had play. Plenty of play, about a shells depth of play I'd say. I would have had a look at the crank journals straight away, but as is the way with these things the universe and whatever forces operate therein decided to fuck with me, and then fuck with me some more. I hate those torx heads, and certainly the set of bits I have are utterly useless when it comes to the conrod bolts, or K75 head bolts, or anything. But then Dratty-boy-dudely arrived, took his ’77 airhead frame away so I couldn’t vent my anger on it, and returned with actual tools that work!?! And lo the bolts they did shift-eth unto release, and there was much rejoicing amongst the tribe of Bm W, though all were in bed by 10.30 and did not argue with their Nanny, oh no.

You see, stopping, it’s the right thing to do. I could have not stopped. But I had to. All the other times I didn’t I right royally borked it up big stylee. So, at that moment just pre-damage you should stop. I do. I will now in fact.

Pt 2 – ‘The horror, the horror’ coming soon to a thread near you.
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