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Originally Posted by 10Cup
No, the KLR and I split up in Wise River, he is ridding with his buddy and I decided to go solo. They are about a day behind me currently, they are in Chama tonight so there are in for a fun day tomorrow.

On the mud, it is drying out but the ruts are so bad from the ranchers trucks that it will be very difficult riding for a long time. Not sure I would want to try it even when dry due to the depth of the ruts and the fact that there isn't a way around some of the worst ruts. Shame it turned out like that because they don't do any maintenance on the dirt roads that I can tell.

Also thanks for hanging out with me on this ride. I really appreciated your input and interest. Hope we can meet some day.

All the best.
10cup--hope you picked up that there is NO GAS on the Bigdog track between Grants and Silver City. You have to deviate to get to a station. There used to be an automated pump approximately 4 miles east of where the track crosses highway 12, north side of the road--may be marked Old Horse Springs on the map. When I tried it earlier this month it was on but would not operate. Enjoy the Gila and Pie Town. Ride safe.
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