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Holy Shit Batman

Originally Posted by johngil
Ya think?

If I have to fix this myself, this is kind of what I was thinking. It may be cryptic, but some of you get the idea. The yellow would be new and welded in.
This wouldn't be a big deal if the cross tube weren't bent. Still, I don't think it is heavy enough to carry the load over time.

I've been fallowing this story, and I was convinced that it was a simple problem of the bolt not being tight enough. This set of photos tells me a differant story. It look, to me, that BMW designed a ton of leverage on a lot of parts. The bolt has a ton and the cross tube also has a TON. Look at any dirt bike and you'll see that the force of the rear shock is transmitted in as straight line as possible to the back bone and on to the steering head. The BMW design is relying on a cross tube that is perpendicular to the shock. What did they think was going to happen? To me( a dummy welder) it looks like the only way to "fix" this is to replace the cross tube and try to fit a/ some tubes to transfer the force of the shock in a strait line to the frame.The bunt cross tube looks bent beyond the point of coming back, it's stretched too much. I have been involved in the welding/machine shop business for 33yrs now. I'm not an engineer, but I've seen a lot of broken and bent stuff. Most of the time the parts tell you what needed to be done. If BMW won't take care of this let me know, my shop is and my skills are yours.
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