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Thumb Mud Ruts, Deserts, and Bypasses ~ What a Day!!!!

Thanks for keeping us up to date along the way. I've never been one to live vicariously through someone elses adventures but "life happens" and here we are. You'll definitely have to give us the low-down on your route (once you've finished up and arrived safely back in AR). Oh yeah, where are you from in AR. I'm from Clarksville. Graduated highschool in 87, joined the military and have been stationed in Colorado since 1991 (on and off but steady since 2001). The family still lives in Clarksville and I get a good amount visits in per year but my "fun meter" is pegged after a few days of intense humidity, chiggers, ticks, mosquitos, poison ivy, etc. etc.. Anyway, good luck on the rest of your trip and thanks again for sharing your adventures along the way...................Sean
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