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Originally Posted by v8toilet

My F800 just arrived today and it may be the last BMW (#6) I own and at the rate things are going, I'm going to give BMW until next spring (which I shouldn't but I don't want to deal with it right now) to get this bike sorted or its gone and so is my business.

I think a statement like that is a bit premature, don't you?

What will you post in 6 months time if you have no problems?

Will you apologise for shit-canning something that YOU supposedly paid big money for?

Personally, I love the bike and fully expect some issues, that's the nature of the beast.

Going on the sheer numbers of F800GS's being sold around the world(even Australia is buying 200+ a month), the actual real world numbers of problems is very very small and from some of what I have read and seen, some issues are owner induced.

Of the half dozen people I know who own them, nobody is having any issues that I know of.

Same can't be said of some other well selling bikes around at the moment!
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