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I think you are onto something here. I would perhaps re-phrase it to say that it is difficult to separate the widespread issues to the rare occurrences because:

1. We don't have all the information. BMW certainly knows what is a predominant failure and what is not. They are not letting us know.

2. A good chunk of us tend to suspect moral hazard by default. The paranoia concept you talk about.

3. When hooliganism takes place (wear your colors, KTM vs BMW, etc.), exaggerations always take place, one way or another.

4. We tend to try to get leverage out of a failure because of all of the above.

Therefore, for the case of the "shock bolt design flaw" so far we have heard of two cases. One of them has failures on the top and bottom of the shock attachment. The other one has an aftermarket shock where the aftermarket shock manufacturer already acknowledged its failure (if I remember the facts correct). If the number of occurrences stay this low, I would doubt even an experienced prosecutor could be able to say this is a design flaw, notwithstanding the engineers .

For the case of the wheel bearings, that appears to be a completely different story. We hear more and more cases about this. It seems like it is a predominant problem. We will know more about this.

The cracking fuel tank. No doubt it is a problem. So far it appears to be cosmetic. We will know more about this as well.

The other issues (computer mapping, front axle, air/fuel systems, gas gauge, etc.) appear to have been resolved. The clutch, I guess that is still up for a decision.

What is next?


Originally Posted by guzzimike
The Internet is a dangerous place for paranoid people.
On the Guzzi forum I sometimes frequent the paranoia would increase a lot in the northern winter when people had nothing better to do than worry about what was wrong with the bike
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