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To revive and muddy up the waters more....
Let's say my significant other runs a KTM shop, the owner and mechanics (KTM certified) are all good friends, I have access at will to the KTM diagnostic software for working on our bikes (Superdukes) and have done multiple resets and remaps for our bikes and others at the shop, I attend the KTM dealer meetings with the significant other (I say all this just to make a point that a lot of people in the know, at least supposidly in the know, are all saying the same thing) and, most importantly, directly asked the question on the 15 minute reset to KTM tech. His answer was disconnecting the battery and doing a 15 minute idle doesn't do anything (does your jump drive have a battery to retain it's memory?). You MUST reset the ECU to allow it to relearn it's base settings. I asked this question based upon rumors and such on the superduke forum run out of EU. Is this just smoke to get u in to the dealer and pay to play???

Think not, I have done, seen all and the ECU reset is the only one IMHO that really works. Usually, once or twice a year, I reset the ECU and do the 15 min run in on our bikes because the settings seem to 'go off' and the bikes may become a bit jerky and will bog on full throttle application on occasion. This works perfectly every time and the bikes run great after the resets (we both run akro maps, she runs slipons and I run a full system). If it's been a while since a reset and we go on a sportride in the mountains her bike is more likely to have issues perhaps because she commutes to and from the shop (and it therefore slowley stubbornly learns only the hot lower altitude conditions?) and I rarely ride the except to sportride....dunno.

My disclamer is I don't work for KTM, I only pretend to when I hang out at the shop and go to the dealer meetings. This is just the info I've been told and what I have experienced. Your experiences may vary, partly based upon chemicals consumed, or not... If someone out there is actually from KTM tech and didn't just here it from someone...who heard it from someone who heard it from they're mechanic....until then I'll do the ECU reset Hopefully I'm not full of it and blowing funny smelling smoke.
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