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Originally Posted by LoCat
I tried to take a little trip to the coast 100 - 120 miles on the Ural with my dog and made it about 15.

Towed it home, left the dog and took another bike but that's not the end of the story.

I replaced the right side piston, jug and head which required pretty much complete disassembly of the rig. Deepest I have ever been into a motor and have it run

Anyway she has run excellent since and I am planning a week long trip with the dog as we speak.

I can appreciate your tenacity in getting back on the road after THAT problem Personally it has taken me about a thousand miles to build up some trust in the rig.

Safe travels and I am definately subscribed.

I feel your pain... but I really do trust Ural, mainly because of the community surrounding it. I'm glad that your bike is back in running order and thanks for reading!
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