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Part 2 I'll type and let my editor fix. ( I never claimed to be a writer)

I looked around to see what the hell happened and slowly tried to sit up.
My legs felt ok so I tried to stand and slowly got to my feet. I started to take inventory of my self to size up the injury(s). I felt my left side and OUCH! I figured a broken rib or 2 as I had done that before. I felt up under my chest protector and Dammit! I could feel the broken end of my collarbone. Funny thing- the collarbone didn't hurt that bad. I didn't feel any blood or see any on my hand. Good news considering. I looked down and saw the left side of my jersey was shreddeded. Crap-not that old either. I was carrying a SPOT transponder and was contemplating pushing the 911 button but reconsidered. Hell I couldn't find it anyway, it was attached to my backpack strap (left side). I found out my pack strap had broken an tossed the spot. I looked around in the rocks where I was lying and there it was. It is orange for a reason. Finally the novice I passed earlier showed up as did the guy driving the atv. They asked if I was OK, and I told them NO then told them what happened. A few minutes went by and the lead riders came back up to see if anything was wrong. I believe it was Kirk, Randy, and Tracy. I told them I was hurt and would need help. One of them asked to call an ambulance. I said no not yet cause by the time they got here, I might be halfway back to OKC. We had to figure a way to get me down the bottom of this hill. (It was about an eigth mile or so). The guy on the atv asked if I wanted a ride down while Kirk said he would ride my bike down and I said OK. The bike was unharmed except for some scratches on the tank shrouds.

We get to the bottom and make a new plan. I asked how far we were from the truck and Tracy says about 4 miles of smooth road. I asked if someone would lead me while i rode back, Tracy said he would. It was a long slow ride back for sure. Tracy loaded my bike while I attempted to change clothes.( They aren't cutting my riding gear off). Tracy thought I should wait for someone to show up to drive me back, when I asked If anyone was from okc he said he didn't think so. I could see a big issue of someone driving a long way back in someone elses truck so I decided I would try to drive back solo. (side note: if I knew the extent of my injuries, I wouldn't have drove at all).......More to come.
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