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DIY: Charcoal Canister Removal on F800GS (with pictures!!)

There are a couple of DIY's on how to remove the charcoal canister from the F800GS but they don't have pictures. So here's how I did it.

The charcoal canister has three hoses coming out of it, two on top and one from the bottom. One from the top goes to the gas tank vent valve, the other goes to a breather valve. The hose coming from the bottom is routed to the bottom of the motorcycle. To make it more clear, I made up the following diagram:

Tools and supplies needed:

Torx T25
Torx T30
Needle nose pliers
5/16” vacuum hose plug
5/16” Uni Filter crankcase filter

First remove the countershaft sprocket cover via the three T25 torx screws.

Remove the two small triangular side panels via the one T25 screw and then slide the panels off the two prongs. Don’t lose the rubber grommets.

Remove the rectifier via the two T30 screws being careful not to lose the two spacer washers which are between the rectifier and its mount. The remove the mount via its two T30 screws.

Snip the two big cable ties holding the canister onto the frame and slide the canister holder as far off to the side as you can. At this point I was able to remove the bottom line off the canister and one of the top lines.

Then snip this cable tie and move the wires out of the way.

Snip the cable tie which is holding the two wires to the canister bracket and move them aside.

You can then move the canister down, pull off the last line from the top of the canister and work the canister out through the countershaft sprocket area. It is tight but you can work it out.

Once the canister is out you'll have three hoses:

Reach through the frame and pull the hose off the breather valve that came from the canister. Then put the 5/16” plug over the bung. (I forgot to take a picture of this.)

Then put the Uni Filter on the line that goes to tank. I then zip-tied the filter up out of the way so that it will stay as high as possible and out of any water’s way. (This is not where I left it. I just took a picture before I tucked it up out of the way.)

Then zip tie the two wires that were attached to the canister bracket to the frame with a cable-tie like so:

Then discard the line that goes to the ground, put all the panels back in place and go for a test ride.

In all, it took about an hour, but without stopping to take pictures this could easily be done in a half hour or 45 minutes.

Please let me know if you have any questions, need anything clarified or can't figure out what the hell I'm talking about.
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